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Access Inuyasha History

This may be inaccurate, I'm not an expert. If anyone has information on the history of Access Inuyasha, please e-mail or pm it to me! If you find mistakes or errors, also tell me about them, please.

Inuyasha Sprites

The site was started by Jan, as Inuyasha Sprites. It contained cute little character images and animated gifs for adoption.

Access Inuyasha

Then Jan created Access Inuyasha. She improved her website, taking Access Inuyasha from a small unnoticed site to a world wide Inuyasha info site and forum with over 20,000 registered members. The original Access Inuyasha site was announced as closing on Jan 24, 2004, and it closed down on Jan 31, 2004.

Access Inuyasha (the reincarnation)

Some different board began in response to Access Inuyasha's closing. Access-Inuyasha (the reincarnation) is one of them. It officially opened on January 30, 2004.