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A Miko (priestess) from the past Feudal Japanese era who lived as one of the most powerful of her era. She owned the Shikon no tama, given to her by Midoriko, a great demon huntress, to keep it safe and pure. Inuyasha tried to steal the jewel once, and since she didn't finish him right in that second, the hanyou stayed with her. Eventually, both fell in love with each other. An incident involving Naraku forced Kikyou to shoot an arrow to Inuyasha, condemming him to eternal sleep, until her future reincarnation, Kagome Higurashi, revived him later. Soon after sealing Inuyasha, she died, burning the jewel into her body.

She was brought back to life by the witch Urasue, and she's now a walking corpse, stealing souls to survive with her Shinidama Chuu (soul finders).