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Episode Summaries 1-5
Episode 1
The Girl Who Goes Back in Time and the Boy Who Has Been Sealed Up
Provided by Musashi Youkai

A group of villangers try to capture a white haired young man who is trying to steal a jewel he says will transform him into a full demon. A young woman with bow and arrows calls him "Inuyasha!" and shoots straight to his heart, into a tree. Whincing in pain, the half demon calls 'Kikyou' before he dies. Later on, the woman dies as well, not before asking her sister to burn the jewel with her body. And so she does.

Kagome lives in a 1000 year old shrine with her little family: her mother, her grandfather, his little brother Sota and the family cat, Buyo. That day is Kagome's 15th birthday. Later, she finds some strange noises coming from the well at the shrine. She goes to revise the place and gets sucked by it. At the other side, she finds Inuyasha stuck with an ancient arrow to a tree from her time. In that place, an old woman appears, and takes them back to her village, surprised to see them. The old woman is Kaede, the younger sister of Kikyou.

Later, Mukadejourou, the centipede demon who pulled Kagome into the well, attacks the village. When Kagome asks for help, Inuyasha, surprisingly opens his eyes to her call. The Shikon no tama, the jewel of the four souls that Kikyou had in the past, comes from her body, oportunity the demon takes to steal it, starting a transformation. Kagome has no other choice than freeing Inuyasha from the tree to get the jewel back, and so she does, taking the arrow from his chest.

Episode 2
Those who Aim for the Shikon no Tama
Provided by Musashi Youkai

Kaede places a beads rosary around Inuyasha's neck, since the hanyou (half demon) needs to be controlled by the girl. And so Kagome orders him "Sit!" making Inuyasha lower his head to the ground and not be able to use his strength from the rosary's restriction.

Kaede tells Kagome that she is the reincarnation of her dead sister, Kikyou, and that she holds the same powers her sister had. Proof of that, is the Shikon no tama in her body. While making her way to the well to return to her era, she's attacked by a group of men, asking her for the jewel. Inuyasha appears in scene, defending her from the demons and the leader's body transforms into the "Carrion Crow", who takes the jewel into his body. Kagome shoots an arrow to the crow, and the jewel breaks in a million parts, spreading everywhere like a comets in the sky.

Episode 3
Back From the Bone Eaters' Well
Provided by Musashi Youkai

Kaede orders Kagome and Inuyasha to work together to get the shards of the jewel back again, or else a piece might have fallen into a powerful creature. Kagome is angered by Inuyasha's silly behaviour and decides to return to her era. At the Bone Eater's well, she's attacked by Yura of the Inverted Hair, who's also seeking for the Shikon jewel. Kagome returns to her era and Yura takes control of the village women, making them ill. Inuyasha, under Kaede's suggestion, he goes to find Yura to kill her. His mission is useless without Kagome, since being Kikyou's reincarnation, she's the only one able to see Yura's strands, so he decides to go to her era to bring her back.

Episode 4
Yura, Demon of the Inverted Hair
Provided by Musashi Youkai

Inuyasha tresspasses the well to find Kagome, and asks her to return to stop the manipulation from Yura. Kagome finds a strand of Yura's hair at Inuyasha's shoulder and decides to return. Inuyasha, impressed by her decision, offers his haori to her, woven with the hair of the fire rat, and said to give strong protection. When they return to the Feudal era, they find out that the forest is all covered by Yura's hair, and find her nest. She attacks them with a katana, to which Kagome replies with her bow and arrows. A battle ensues, and when Inuyasha thinks Kagome died by one of Yura's attack, he strikes with his Hijinkessou blast to her. Kagome finds her weak point and Yura wraps her strands around her neck. Inuyasha is hurt really badly in the chest, but finally, they get the shikon shards and eliminate her.

Episode 2
The Terrible Young Nobleman Sesshoumaru
Provided by Musashi Youkai

At a village, a white haired man battles with a couple of samurai, exterminating them all. This is Sesshoumaru, a full demon (youkai) who is searching for his father's grave. Jaken, his minion, wonders if Inuyasha knows about its location.

Back at Kaede's village, Kagome brings her bicycle from the modern era. Later, a flea demon named Myouga shows up informing Inuyasha that recently, he has become aware of someone searching violently for his father's tomb. Inuyasha's father was a great youkai with the form of a dog whose stronghold was the Western lands. Kagome asks Inuyasha about his mother and he replies that she died long time ago.

Suddenly, a big storm shows up, making an oxcart to fly off. A woman appears and ... she is Inuyasha's mother, who should be dead. A giant demon appears with Sesshoumaru sitting at its shoulder. The demon grabs Inuyasha's mother. Sesshoumaru is the one manipulating the demon; he is Inuyasha's older brother who wants information, threatening his hanyou (half demon) brother with hurting his mother. After a short tensed moment, Inuyasha, Kagome and his mother escape the place.

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