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Episode Summaries 11-15
Episode 11
Terror of the Anicient Noh Mask
Summary donation by Kira

Kagome sneaks back to the well & tries to get home so she can study for her test which is the next day. Inuyasha doesn't want her to leave & he goes through grat pains to keep her there. She goes home & he gets one heck of a backache! Meanwhile Gramps & Sota have spent the past 3 days trying to get Kagome home by uttering chants & spells. Gramps is amazed & so is Sota when she finally does appear! We have scenes of her home life. Kagome tells about her family & recounts what has happened to her. She goes to school & we meet her friends who ask about her many illnesses. (She left her shards at home, thinking they are safe...they glow & it causes some trouble as it calls an ancient Noh Mask back to life.) Anywyas the cutest boy in school, Hojo has brought her the first in a series of medicinal presents. Meanwhile Inuyasha is busy moping around & compliaining about his back to Kaede. Then Gramps finds a fire in a store room & he winds up going to the hospital. (He battled the Noh Mask & nearl lost!) Anywyas the Mask runs rampant through the town & wreeks havoc.Anywyas later that night it comes after Kagome & tries to get the shards. She & Sota leave the shrine & take off. She tells Sota to go to the well & get Inuyasha. He does. She meanwhile has lured the MAsk to a construction site. Sota & Inuyasha show up & Inuyasha & Kagome fight. Anywyas he winds up defeating the Mask & getting another shard for his trouble. It's now morning & Kagome leaves a stunned Sota & Inuyasha as she dashes off to go to school to take her test!

Episode 12
The Soul Piper & the Mischievous Little Soul
Summary donation by Kira

Kagome is back home again & she sees Hojo talking to Gramps(he's happy Hojo's bringing the presents cuz he uses them!). Later on she's hanging with her friends. They're in a park & She sees a young girl scare some of the other children with firecrackers. Kagome yells at her & she leaves. Then Kagome asks her friends if they saw the girl & they didn't in fact they thought she was talking to herself! Anywyas this little ghost causes more trouble thoughout this episode. Meanwhile Inuyasha is trying to fix the Tetsusaiga's sheath which was damged in the battle with Hiten. It's in some honey looking stuff being repaired by steel bees. Shippo teases Inuyasha & whines about the fact Kagome isn't there. He sees the Soulk Piper & gets scared. Myouga explains that the Soul Piper plays with the souls of dead children until they are ready to move on. If the soul is bad or restless it will make the Soul Piper's eyes open & then the Soul Piper will take that soul to hell. Then we see Kagome whining about taking Sota to visit a friend in the hospital. It's Satoru & he's the little Girl Mayu's brother. There was a fire in their apartment & she died because her mother thought she was out at a neighbors instead of hiding in the closet. Mayu is mad because her mother only saved her brother. She's been causing trouble to get revenge. Anywyas Kagome meets Mayu's mom & she tells Kagome what happened. So Kagome then tries to tell Mayu's she wrong about her mom every time she sees her. She wants to help her after learning what will happen to her. Inuyasha tells her she's crazy. Anywyas Kagome goes after Mayu & she can pass through a barrier that Inuyasha can't & he's worried. Kagome manages to get Mayu to make up with her mother & is saved at the last possible minute from going to hell. Inuyasha tells her she was stupid to help & worry him like that. Anyways Mayu is happy & she comes back to say good bye to Kagome before going to Heaven.

Episode 13
The Mystery of the Black Haired Inuyasha
Summary donation by Kira

This starts with Kagome getting another weird present from Hojo. He also asks her out on a date & her friends talk her into it. Then we see she her & Inuyasha leaving in the well. She asks him if she can be back by Saturday & he has no clue what she's talking about! Anywyas once back they travel down a river with one sick little Shippo. They see some spider webs strung across the river. Inuyasha doesn't like & won't say why. He's acting a bit strange. Anyways they all ahppen to look up in time for Inuyasha to catch a girl who's fallen off on the cliffs that line the river. She's thankful until she sees Inuyasha's a demon. She freaks & he gets wet & sulks. Then she tries to leave & falls & gets hurt. So Kagome gets them to take her home. We learn that the girl Nazuna hates demons because they killed everyone in her village including her family. She lives with an old monk who welcomes them & apologises for her. Anywyas they are spider demons on the loose & they should be safe at the monestery so they spend the night. Meanwhile Inuyasha is restless & wants to sleep outside. He's upset to find spider demons there & also the fact he didn't sense them. Anyways they retreat when the battle doesn't go they way it should. Inuyasha gets covered with spider silk & when they are safely away & it's removed Kagome & Shippo are shocked to see he looks different. Myouga explains it's because he's hanyou & he looses his powers & becomes human on the night of the new moon. Nazuna shows up & in all the confusion & explanations Kagome realizes she's left the jewel shards behind. So Inu & Shippo go & get them. Anywyas the Monk who's really a spider demon get's about half of them & Inuyasha gets hurt. Kagome saves him & they all run & hide. (I love this part) Anywyas Inuyasha is feverish & Kagome wipes his brow & he asks if he can sleep on her lap. While there he tells her he lied & that he really likes the way she smells. Then the demon manages to find them & the battle begins again & this time he now has all the shards. Since Inuyasha has rested he's a bit stronger & as the sun comes up he's also cockier & he changes back into everyone's fave dogboy! Then he kicks some demon butt! When they go & find the shards they find it's one big one now. Inu whines about the fact he thought they had more than that. Anywyas after saying good bye to Nazuna they leave by the river. Kagome its there & thinks about what happened & Inuyasha gets mad she's staring at him & things seems back to normal.

Episode 14
Kikyo's missing Ashes
Summary donation by Kira
This was written by Jen Jang!!! Thanks Jen!!!!

Urasue appears in the sky heading for Kaede's village causing a lot of commotion. Kaede & the villagers wake up and runs to find Urasue. Urasue demolishies Kikyo's grave sight, and takes the ashes. Meanwhile, Inuyasha spots the demoness in the dark and smells Kaede's blood on her & soil from Kikyo's grave. In the morning, Kagome, Inuyasha & Shippo go to the village and find out Kikyo's grave was destroyed. Since the morning, Inuyasha wouldn't look Kagome in the eye and she got suspitious. She grabbed one of Inuyasha's bangs to get his attention and ask her question. Inuyasha holds her hand & faces her, but before he says anthing, he peers deeply at her. It looks like he's about to kiss her when Kagome gets all wierd & and pushes him back sending him flying a few yards away. *giggles* Kaede comes & says she 's gonna retrieve her sis's ashes. Kagome asks to come along but Inuyasha denies it. cuz Kikyo was the one who "killed" him for 50 yrs. but since he doesn't want Kagome & Kaede to get killed, he comes.

But when the old Urasue arrives at her hut, she was making Kikyo's new body from the soil & ashes. Kikyo awakens but her soul didn't return to her so she's useless as Urasue says it, cuz she wants Kikyo to retrieve the shikon no tama shards. Suddenly Kikyo moves in the direction Kagome and they are & Urasue is surprised she can move with out a soul. Kagome and co. are on the shaking bridge being attacked by Urasue's clay soldiers. Inyasha tries to destroy most of 'em but they keep coming. Souls of the clay soldiers are released from the bodies & leave. Urasue come to see comotion and finds Kagome, the reincarnated soul of kikyo and demolishes the bridge everyone is on. She captures Kagome & is flying away w/ her.

Episode 15
Kikyo Ressurected
Summary donation by Kira
This was written by Jen Jang!!! Thanks Jen!

Kagome is tied up and Ursue places her in a tub ful of herbs and green liquid.Kikyo come from the hut dressed. Urassue was trying to remove her soul from her body but Kagome tries to hold it in feeling like she wants to puke or something. * really nasty feeling I know* Inuyasha and co. come to save day but when he sees Kikyo, he stares at her dibelievingly. Meanwhile,Kikyo's voice is calling out to him somehow and tells not to say her name. But he does and Kagome's soul is drawn out of her and her eyes *u can tell* are vacant w/out focus. Her soul starts to flow into Kikyo's clay body and it comes alive while Kagome's unconcious & souless. Kikyo kills Urasue & asks why Inuyashais alive & why did he betray her? Inuyasha protests that he did not betray her, but when she attacks him, Kaede tries to stop her. Kikyo doesn't reconize Kaede until she tells Kikyo that she's her lil sister after 50 yrs. Kikyo wants Kaede to hand over the bow and quiver so she can destroy Inuyasha once and for all. Kaede protests but Kikyo takes the weapons anyways and pushes her lil sister away. Shippo is all worried about Kagome but Kaede tells him that she won't awake until Kikyo's soul has completed killing Inuyasha. Durring Kikyo vs Inuyasha, Kikyo is close to killing Inuyasha when he shouts out in pain, & Kagome once again opens those vacant eyes and is calling her soul back to her. Almost all of the soul had returned to Kagome and Kikyo cries out. Inuyasha is laying injured while Kikyo is walking away so Kagome can't take the rest away from her. Inuyasha goes after Kikyo but Kikyo loses her footing when talking to Inuyasha. He grabs her hand but she zaps him w/ the light and his grip on her slips away. Inuyasha is all depressed when he gets back up and walks away from the cliff down sided.

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