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Episode Summaries 16-20
Episode 16
Mystical hand of the amorous Monk, Miroku.
Summary donation by Kira

Our heroes are out in full force looking for the jewel shards. A monk by the name of Miroku hears about a girl & go off to see her. He's disappointed to find out she's not as pretty as he thought. Anywyas he later on exorcises a room & gets a jewel shard for his trouble after killing the demon. He also makes off with the lord of the manor's stuff! Anywyas after he happens upon a bathing Kagome he cooks up a plot to steal her shards by getting his friend/servant Hachi (a tanuki) to help. He steals it & he almost kidnaps her in the process. Inuyasah confronts him after tracking him to a local village& gets a taste of the mystical powers of Miroku's hand. Kagome prevents Inuyasha from being sucked up into Miroku's airvoid by launching herself into it & Miroku stops in time. Anyways He's just a perve who takes advantage of her good nature which gets him into some trouble with Inu after he asks her to bear his child. Anywyas he becomes somewhat a memeber of the gang at the end.

Note: Here we hear about Naraku's conection to Miroku: he's the one who cursed his family with the airvoid that will eventually kill them. We also get the sense that maybe Naraku was responsible for Inu & Kikyou's troubles too.

Episode 17
The cursed Ink of the Hell Painter
Summary donation by Kira

In this epi a traveling painter who has the ability to bring his paintings of demons to life has been causing some trouble in the area. The gang become aware of it when the stumble upon a battlefield that smells like ink. In this epi Miroku goes off on his own to get the jewel shard cuz he & Inu don't really trust each other. They eventually meet up again at the end when Inu defeats the painter. The painter in a stupid move to make a last ditch effort to overcome Inuyasha calls upon his ink to make him stronger. The ink has a shard in it. This is what gives the painter his power. The ink detsroys the painter & all that's left is the ink & a shard. Anywyas Miroku wants the shard but he doesn't want it as he can feel it's evil , so Kagome picks it up & she gets to keep it cuz she was able to puriufy it just by touching it.

Note: Miroku has now become a part of the group.

Episode 18
Naraku & Sesshomaru Join forces
Summary donation by Kira

This is another fave epi of mine as it starts with Sesshy ripping the heads off some stupid ronin samurai. (He's so cool!) Anywasy he hates the fact he's lost his arm, but Jaken hates it even more so as he's the one in charge of finding replacements! Anywyas Ol' Baboon boy finds them & he intrigues Sesshy by offering him a gift of an arm (Human with a shard inside), & a strange hive. Sesshy accepts much to Jaken's surprise. Meanwhile the gang is having a blast at an inn & Inu's mad cuz Miroku lied & that's why they're there, as well as the fact that Kagome is happy they're sleeping inside for a change. Anyways she feels a shard headed their way & it's coming in something large! VERY LARGE! It's Sesshy riding on Oni's shoulder. ( Oni is the large demon Sesshy controls) Anywyas he starts a fight with Inu & Inu looses the Tetsusaiga to him. While that's going on Kagome fills Miroku in on who Sesshy is. Anywyas Sesshy then proceeds to instruct his baby bro on just how the Tetsusaiga is upposed to work by killing all the demons Jaken's flushed down out of the mountainside. Miroku then decides to get in on the act & just when his airvoid is working at it's best the hive of insects is released & he gets poisoned when he sucks them in. Anywyas Inu & Sesshy are still fighting....Jaken gets beat up by Miroku who's feeling a bit better after kagome has Shippo give him some medicine. Anywyas the brothers are still at it after Inu, Miroku & Shippo not to mention Jaken nearly get killed by a Tetsusaiga happy Sesshy! At the end of this epi Kagome threatens to shoot Sesshy's head off which halts the fight. That & the fact that when she missed the first time & hit the sword it changed back.

Episode 19
Go Back to Your own time, Kagome!
Summary donation by Kira

Part 2 of the previuos epi. In this one While Inu & Sesshy fight Kagome takes aim at Sesshy's head & misses. This makes Sesshy not very happy with her... anyways Inuyasha steps in to save her & she gets hurt anywyas. She also takes care of Miroku by having Shippo give him the medicine he needs. Funny how he doesn't want it given to him mouth to mouth anymore. Anywyas Inuyasha manages to rip the borrowed hand off & get his sword back. Sesshy then decides to leave as there's no reason to stay & he goes. He's nearly eaten by the remaining arm which had a jewel shard in it. Sesshy rips it off & Naraku's bees return the borrowed fragment. Anywyas Inuyasha who's been hurt in the battle with Sesshy, decides to go for a walk with Kagome to the well after returning to the village. While there he hugs her, steals the jewel shards & throws he back down the well because he can't stand seeing her get hurt again.

Episode 20
Despicable Villian! The Mystery of Onigumo.
Summary donation by Kira

Kagome is now back in her own time & she goes back to the way her llife was before she met Inuyasha. But she can't help thinking about him even with cute Hojo making advances. Meanwhile back home Kaede helps tend Inu's wound & she tells the story of Onigumo

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