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Episode Summaries 21-25
Episode 21
Naraku's true Indentity Unveiled.
Summary donation by Kira

In the present Kagome goes on a date with Hojo evben though she keeps wondering about what Inuyasha's up to. Anywyas she feels she can't continue the date & leaves him in Wacdonalds. Running past the well she senses a jewel shard & goes to invesigate. She tries to get to it. Meanwhile it was Shippo who fell in the well when he was escaping some wolf demons who were after him. Poor Inu just isn't up to speed yet as he's still wounded plus he just can't fight as well when she's not around. As luck would have it she returns in time for Inuyasha to defeat the wolf forest demon (I forget what he's called...all I know is he knew Inu's dad as well as Sesshy) anywyas Kagome's arrivsal also makes them aware Naraku is around & tehy fianlly meet him. Inu battles him & as he does he rips Naraku's haori & it falls off revealing a spider shaped burn mark on his back before he gets away!

Episode 22
A wicked smile: Kikyo's wandering Soul.
Summary donation by Kira

During this epi the gang spend the night guarding a dead princess's soul from something that's been stealing the souls of dead girls. Turns out it was a strange wandering miko who responsible. They go off to investigate & are stopped by a barrier. Only Kagome gets therough. Other things of note that happen in this epi are Kikyo'd friendship with a young girl & Kikyo's fight with a monk.

Episode 23
Kagome's Voice and Kikyo's Kiss
Summary donation by Kira

Now the gang ask the poor monk they found floating in the river (he was the dead monk's companion) about what has been going on. It seems he's frighten of Kagopme cuz she looks like Kikyo. Anywyas while Inuyasha runs off looking for Kikyo, Kagome winds up face to face with Kikyo who paralyzes her & makes her watch Kikyo's meeting with Inuyasha. Kagome understandably gets upset at what she sees. This causes problems with Inuyasha who didn't know what she saw & when she tells he she saw everything he doesn't know what to do & winds up gettting 'sat' for his troubles. It's here that we realize that Inuyasha has feelings for both women & he's a bit confused & needs time to sort things out.

Episode 24
Enter...Sango the Demon Exterminator
Summary donation by Kira

We meet Sango in this one. She is a young girl from the demon slayer's village & she's a slyer like her father. Her younger brother Kohaku seems too gentle to be a slayer. Anywyas the gang is next seen hanging round the campfire & Miroku & Inuyasha discuss what he would do if he had the whole jewel. Inu wants to be a full demon to protect Kagome, but Miroku warns that he could end up killing her if this happened. Anywyqas we learn a bit of the jewel's history from Sango's dad. & they later on prepare to go on a demon slaying misson at a castle. They get there & Kohaku winds up posessed & hew kills everyone except Sango. The two of them wind up getting killed by the young lord of the castle's men. Turns out Sango survives & she's nursed back to health. Meanwhile the gang is looking for shards & they spot a horde of demons flying through the sky. These demons have gone to kill the village of the slayers, which they do. They fight over the shards they find there but Naraku easily defeats them & takes the shards & leaves. Myouga & Kirara( Kilala in the dub & Kirara in the sub BTW) try & pick up the pieces in the village befoer Inu & company arrive. They bury the dead. Meanwhile the lord of the castle talks with Naraku about what happened in the village of the slayers. Sango overhears Naraku say Inuyasha did it & she vows to go & kill him.

Episode 25
Naraku's Insidious Plot
Summary donation by Kira

Naraku's been sent to help Sango get home. He gives her a jewel shard to help her as she really been hurt badly & shouldn't be up & a bout. Anywyas the gang are now looking for Naraku's castle. The meet up with one angry Sango who's out to kill Inu. He's told not to hurt her & he doesn't. She doesn't trust him at first but then she does after a while because she's confused by Naraku's behavior. Anywyas he winds up stealing Kagome's shards & getting away. Miroku & Kirara take off after him. Sango faints & she surprised to find after waking up from her fainting spell that Inuyasha's been helping her & he's not as bad as Naraku said he was. Anywyas they learn after Naraku battles Miroku that it was really a puppet of his that he created to do his dirty work. The shards are recoved. Meanwhile back at the castle a servant tells the Lord that Naraku & Sango haven't returned. He tells him it's alright & as the Lord leaves his room we see him put on the Baboon skin. Yup this guy is you guessed it Naraku!

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