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Episode Summaries 26-30
Episode 26
Secret of the Jewel of the Four Souls: Revealed
Summary donation by Kira

In this epi Sango recovers from her ordeal & we learn more of the history of the Shikon Jewel. It turns out it was created by a preistess named Midoriko. Supposedly she still battles the demons inside the jewel. Anywyas after it was formed it was given to Kikyo 50 years ago to watch over. Anywyas the gang learn this story after going inside the cave near Sango's village. Inside they see the mummifies remains of Midoriko & the demons she battled. Inu cops an attitude & is thrown out of the cave! Later on Myouga returns with Kirara & when he drops the jewel shard the demons awaken. He believes he's been saved by Midoriko, but it was really Inuyasha. We see Kirara at the end remain behind to stare at the mummy. While Kagome narrates what happened we see Kirara & the priestess together; we're meant to get the impression Kirara is older than she looks.

Episode 27
Lake of the Evil Water God
Summary donation by Kira

In this one Sango is a part of the gang & while they are off looking for Naraku's castle they see a strange procession. It turns out that in the nearby village, the villagers have been forced by the local Water God to sacrifice their children to him. It's now the headmaster's turn to sacrifice his child. The gang is puzzled by his reaction when Inu says it's really a demon with a shard up to no good & he wants to go on with it anyways. Anywyas it turns out it's not really his son he's sacrificing as his son has hired the gang to help his friend. The child the headmaster is sacrificing instead. It turns out that Inun was right it was a demon with a shard & he spends most of the epi battling it. Near the end of the Epi, Sango & Miroku find the real water God or Goddess. They bring her back to the battle. She needs her halberd from the false god in order to regain her size & powers. She gets it back & the false god gets destroyed. & everyone's happy!

Episode 28
Miroku Falls into a Dangerous Trap
Summary donation by Kira

Whiles everyone else is off battling a demon, Miroku walks off with a beautiful girl who askes him to give her a child! Anywyas it turns out she's just another demon in disguise (Praying mantis demon) & when he sucks her up in his wind tunnel, he injures it. So rather than risk anyone's safty he goes off to see the old monk Mushin who is his foster father. Mushin has the ability to repair the wound. Unfortunately Mushin has been possed by a demon which Miroku only finds out at the last minute & nearly looses his life. All this time the gang is off looking for him once they discover he's missing. They finally find him after Hachi comes & tells them where Miroku is. A battle ensues which Inuyasha eventually wins, even though it looked bad for a while. Mushin is released from posession by the "Jar master" demon & Miroku's wound is tended. He also grabs Sango's butt which gets him a headache too!

Episode 29
Sango's Suffering and Kohaku's Life
Summary donation by Kira

Starts off with Kagome in her own time & we see what a good kid Souta is. Then it's back to the feudal era & we Naraku plotting trouble again & Inuyasha practicing with the Tesusaiga. Later that night the girls take a bath & Sango tels Kagome about her brother Kohaku & She tells Sango about how the jewel came to be shattered. The guys catch them bathing & get bashed again. The next day thew find a man who is mortally wounded & they go off after his trail of blood & dioscover a village that rigged to blow up. It's a trap Naraku had Kohaku lay. They find him there & Sango goes off after (the others are stopped by a barrier). Naraku tells her his palns for Kohaku & that he wants her to bring him Inuyasha's sword in exchange for Kohaku's life! She returns & is very upset. During the night she makes up her mind to steal the sword.

Episode 30
Tetsusaiga is Stolen! Showdown at Naraku's Castle
Summary donation by Kira

It's later that night & Inuyasha wakes up to find Sango is awake too. They talk about Kohaku. Then eveyone wakes up to find they are surrounded by demons who are led by Kohauku. Inu battles them but is hamperred by the fact that no one wants him to kill Kohaku so Kohaku gets away. Sango manages to get her hands on the Tetsusaiga & goes off after him. She tries to battle Naraku on her own & gets wounded & Kirara gets poisoned. The gang arrives & everyone meets up again at Naraku's castle. They battle & Kagome finally manages to shoot an arrow at Naraku which destroys his body so he's just a head that Kohaku carries off. The castle is destroyed & Sango is very upset. She's still a part of the group despite what happened as everyone realizes it wasn't her fault.

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