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Episode Summaries 37
Episode 37
The Man Who Fell In Love with Kagome
Summary donation by Kira

These episodes mainly revolve around Kouga, the wolf youkai or demon, whichever you’d prefer. It doesn’t contain the episode that Kouga first appeared in, but does have a set of three episodes that fans out into his problems further.

It starts out as the continuation of Ep. 36, which you could find on Volume 12. Kouga has kidnapped Kagome along with Shippou who tagged along. He did so when he noticed her potential of sensing the Shikon shards in the previous episode. She is in Kouga’s den, along with Shippou who transforms into Kouga to fool the wolf demons and help both of them escape. His plan goes well until one of the youkai mentions that Kouga had already went out with Hakkuku and Ginta on guard duty. The members of the den starts to get suspicious, especially the wolves. The wolves have seemed to notice that Kouga had changed his tail and bites it, turning Shippou back into himself. Kagome then grabs a spear from the ground along with Shippou and runs out of the den, which is inside of a waterfall. She pulls Shippou with her as she runs, making him look as light as a ragdoll until she finds that she is facing a cliff. Kouga’s comrades then surround her and asked Shippou if he could fly. Shippou replies with a yes but complains that he won’t be able to support Kagome’s weight.

One of the wolf demons start to approach and threatens to kill her, so she grabs Shippou and tosses him off the cliff, knowing that he has the ability to turn into a balloon-like thing and float. Then the wolf demon aims and throws out a chain-like weapon sort of similar to Kohaku’s to drag Shippou back in but Kagome stops that with the spear by sticking it through the chain as it races forward and off the cliff. Kouga then arrives tossing a boar/hog/wild brown hairy pig on top of that one certain wolf demon, and repeats that he has already told them to not hurt Kagome. He tells his comrades that Kagome has the ability to see Shikon shards, which means much more to him than some youkai woman.

He then speaks with Kagome, claiming her to be his woman and she tells him that she already has an interest in someone. He guesses that her interest is in Inu-Yasha and insults him, as Kagome defends Inu-Yasha. Kouga says that Kagome is still his woman because wolves mate for life, and also that one day he would kill Inu-Yasha anyway. This makes Kagome go silent for awhile until the scene switches over to where Inu-Yasha, Miroku, and Sango are trying to figure out what those so-called Birds of Paradise were doing there, and also how to save Kagome. Miroku concludes that the Birds of Paradise were probably allies of the wolf tribe, seeing that there aren’t any wolf skeletons lying around on their side of the mountain. Planning out that if they were to be caught by one of those large demon birds then they’d probably end up where Kagome is being hid. Inu-Yasha happens to like the idea and gets him captured by one of the birds. About halfway in midair he starts to complain about why Miroku doesn’t attempt his own ideas, and that that should be him getting carried by the bird instead of Inu-Yasha himself. The bird carries Inu-Yasha of a large area covered in wolf skeletons.

Shippou sees Inu-Yasha and then starts blaming himself by pounding bumps on his head. Sango and Miroku ascend on Kirara and ask Shippou about the Birds of Paradise and the Wolf tribe being allies. Shippou tells them that those two are bitter enemies, so Miroku says that he should’ve looked beyond the mountain instead of concluding too early. Inu-Yasha hears this, flips up, and kicks the bird, which caused it to let him fall and hit the pit of skeletons. He sits there and picks a fight with Miroku, who is on Kirara along with Sango and Shippou. Miroku tells them that saving Kagome is their top priority right now and everything else can wait, so they fly to Shippou’s guidance leaving Inu-Yasha to yell after them until he realizes that they’re leaving him behind, and leaps after them.

On the flip side, Kouga and his comrades plan to launch an attack in the Birds of Paradise’s nesting grounds for injuring two more of their men. He hoists Kagome on his back, because he needs her abilities to tell him where the shards are located inside of the alpha bird, so he can take it down. They climb upwards on the mountain until Kagome can sense the shard. Then a gigantic Bird of Paradise pops out of the mountain sending pieces of rocks everywhere, while down below Kouga’s comrades are battling it out against the rest of the birds. Kagome tells Kouga the shard is located inside of the bird demon’s mouth. The demon attempts to eat Kouga and Kagome but Kouga dodges, and takes Kagome back to the ground where it’s safer. He tells Ginta and Hakkuku to protect her, and then runs back up the mountain to retrieve the shard. Suddenly one of the Birds of Paradise descends from the air and grabs onto Ginta, taking him up into the air with it.

Kagome picks up her bow, and shoots a purifying arrow at the bird, ripping off one of its wings, causing both the bird and Ginta to drop to the ground. Both Kagome and Hakkuku run over to Ginta to see if he’s all right. Then another fleet of birds comes charging down towards the three of them. They are all terrified but Inu-Yasha comes just in time to save them. Kagome runs over to Inu-Yasha and gives him a hug, as Miroku uses his Kazaana [Wind Tunnel] to suck in the rest of the bird demons. Kouga realizes that Inu-Yasha was there so he insults him some more, and it just goes back and forth until Kouga tells Inu-Yasha that he had claimed her as his mate. Kagome tells Miroku that Kouga is using wishful thinking and that she’s not his woman.

Kouga then tells her that he’s in love with her, which puts her into shock. Sango and Miroku makes a little comment about his confidence, where Miroku says that he wishes that he had that much audacity. Inu-Yasha gets angry because he doesn’t like people saying that Kagome’s their property as he chases Kouga up the mountain. Kagome tells Kouga where the shard is located and Inu-Yasha starts to have second thoughts. Kouga continues 50 feet up the mountain, and doesn’t see the alpha-bird. Then the bird makes an attack on Kouga, from the clouds. The bird encloses its mouth over Kouga’s left arm. The arm that had the Shikon shard embedded in it until the bird got it out with its teeth as Kouga kicked its mouth breaking a couple. Kouga falls to the ground and the bird now has two shards in its mouth.

Inu-Yasha finally reaches the top and plans to use his Kaze no Kizu [Wind Scar] attack on the alpha-bird. He looks for the wind auras of the bird, aims it just right and unleashes the powerful scar that demolishes the entire bird. Kouga stares in awe as he realizes that attack was almost used on him once. Sango along with Kagome and Kouga arrives to the ground. Kouga and Inu-Yasha almost erupts into another fight until Kagome uses “Osuwari.” [Sit.] Which slams him into the ground, and then she tells Kouga’s comrades to take their leader to safer grounds.

The sunrises and Inu-Yasha sits near the cliff and stares off over the mountains as Miroku and Sango persuades Kagome to have a little talk with him since he was very worried about her safety well-being. Kagome takes their advice and walks over to Inu-Yasha and apologizes for worrying him, and thanks him at the same time.

Inu-Yasha acts like he doesn’t care and tries to fend her off with things like, “I bet you hadn’t needed me after all.” etc. Kagome makes a comment about him being jealous, as he says he doesn’t care. Kagome says it’s none of his business but Kouga’s not her type. He tells her that he doesn’t care what she does, and then asks what exactly happened between them. Kagome gives a happy smile and then turns into an angry girl. They start arguing and then Kagome asks to use Kirara, Inu-Yasha says that she wants to see her little wolf demon again. She angrily tells him that she is going to go home and that he’s an idiot. She was really loud since her voiced echoed through the mountains a few times. She leaves Inu-Yasha clinging to a rock, and rides towards the well on Kirara. The end. ^_^

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