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Inuyasha Links
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Burnt: the Inuyasha Shrine
General IY fansite with a wide extention of characters profiles, including minor characters. Good information source.

Sesshoumaru: The killing perfection
A shrine exclusively dedicated to Sesshoumaru with tons of information, galleries, fanfictions and more.

Inyasha @ Holy Mango
Another large site with episode summaries, song lyrics, fanfiction, and a good gallery.
Inuyasha - Sengoku o Togi Zoushi The classic site for manga translation and scans. Updated most weeks straight out of the weekly comic magazine, Shonen Sunday.
Inuyasha - Sengoku o Togi Zoushi (Picture version) A newer site with manga translations inserted into the comic itself. First translated chapter is #337

My Will: an Inuyasha shrine
A quite large general Inuyasha site with free graphics and adoptions.

Inuyasha 232
Reciprocal Link - No other information provided.