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Inuyasha OST 2
"Inuyasha Ongakuhen Ni"
by Patches
"Inuyasha Ongakuhen Ni"
["Inuyasha Music Collection Two"]

Description of Item:

The second Inuyasha soundtrack, with background music composed by Kaoru Wada, opening by Hitomi, and ending by Do As Infinity. The background music was introduced approximately between episodes 30 and 65

01. I am (TV size)
02. Shippuu no Gotoku [Like a Tempest]
03. Shouki [Miasma]
04. Naraku no Yabou [Naraku's Ambition]
05. Zoutou [Hateful Battle]
06. Henkashita Inuyasha [Transformed Inuyasha]
07. Jigoku Mushi Saimyoushou [Hell's Insects Saimyoushou]
08. Wana [Trap]
09. Shin Aikyacchi A [New Eyecatch A]
10. I am (BGM Rikoodaa ver) [I am (BGM Recorder version)]
11. Katanakaji Toutousai [Swordsmith - Toutousai]
12. Miroku no Shatei Hachiemon Tanuki [Miroku's Accomplice - Hachiemon Tanuki]
13. Rin to Sesshoumaru [Rin and Sesshoumaru]
14. Yourouzoku Kouga [Demon Wolf Tribe - Kouga]
15. Kaze Tsukai Kagura [Wind User - Kagura]
16. Utsukushii Omoide [Beautiful Memories]
17. Tanoshii Nakama-tachi [Fun Companions]
18. Awatenbou to Nonbiriya [A Disorganized Boy and Carefree Dealings]
19. Kohaku no Omokage [Kohaku's Appearance]
20. Amakakeru Sango [Flying to Heaven - Sango]
21. Kuromiko Tsubaki [Dark Priestess - Tsubaki]
22. Shin Aikyacchi B [New Eyecatch B]
23. Dearest (BGM/storingusu ver.) [Dearest (BGM/strings version)]
24. Deatta Basho de [At the Place we Met]
25. Kagome to Inuyasha II [Kagome and Inuyasha II]
26. Kikyou no Kokoro [Kikyou's Heart]
27. Yomigaeru Ryuukossei [Resurrected - Ryuukossei]
28. Gekitou [Fierce Battle]
29. Omoi no Hate ni [The Extent of Feelings]
30. Fukai Mori (TV size) [Deep Forest (TV size)]
31. Inuyasha Renga (boonasu torakku) [Inuyasha Poem (bonus track)]
32. Homage for Inuyasha -Piano solo- (boonasu torakku) [Homage for Inuyasha - Piano solo (bonus track)]

Review: Well, this one has fewer tracks than the first soundtrack at "only" 32, but I'm still only going to pick and choose which ones to comment on.

02 "Shippuu no Gotoku"
And we start this CD off with yet another version of Inuyasha's theme! This one's really upbeat, and more of a "battle theme", sounding sort of like "okay, this is a last-ditch effort, so let's all join together and kick some butt!"

04 "Naraku no Yabou"
Hey, he ditched the harpsichord in favor of a trombone and some low strings! You could call this Naraku's "battle theme", even though he has yet to actually fight his own battle in the series. The next track is similar to this one.

10 "I am (BGM recorder version)"
Woo! I love instrumental versions of theme songs! I only recall this playing in the series once, and I can't for the life of me remember where. But, it's likely the only time the people who watch Inuyasha on American television will get to hear any rendition of the second opening.

13 "Rin to Sesshoumaru"
I'm not terribly sure why Sesshoumaru's name got to be in the title of this track, since this is Rin's theme, not his. Sesshoumaru still has no new theme music since way back on the first soundtrack.

14 "Yourouzoku Kouga"
How about I comment on tracks I don't like? I don't like Kouga's theme. It's just... completely stylistically different from all the rest of the music in the series and kinda clashes with the "feel" of the rest of the soundtrack. This belongs in some series about horse-racing.

15 "Kaze Tsukai Kagura"
Kagura, on the other hand, has a kickass theme. It has a backbeat that almost sounds like Final Fantasy battle music, with plucked strings over the top. It's like powerful and light at the same time. Just like Kagura!

19 "Kohaku no Omokage"
spite the title, this is another version of Sango's theme. And all versions of Sango's theme are great. This is similar to her "basic" theme on the piano, except played on the flute and clarinet. Just slow and pretty.

20 "Amakakeru Sango"
I reiterate: all versions of Sango's theme are great. This is sort of like her "battle theme", which I distinctly remember playing when she catches Kohaku and is determined to kill him, along with herself.

23 "Dearest (BGM/Strings version)"
For some reason, I like this "strings version" of Dearest better than the one on the "Wind" soundtrack. Maybe because it doesn't get into those ridiculously high octaves in which stringed instruments just do not sound good. :P

27 "Yomigaeru Ryuukossei"
I'm just commenting on this because, even though Ryuukossei lasts all of two episodes, his theme carries on. And on. And on. The series really loves ending cliffhanger episodes with this one. Not to mention it appears multiple times in the movies.

29 "Omoi no Hate ni"
Luuuuuuv. This is my favorite theme in the entire series. This version is a little faster than some of the other mixes, but it's still nice to hear it played on a big string section.

31 "Inuyasha Renga"
This is... nothing new. It's just Inuyasha's, Kagome's, Shippou's, Miroku's, Sango's, Kikyou's, and then Inuyasha's theme again played back-to-back. You heard all these on the first soundtrack, but now they're all just compiled together in one track.

32 "Homage for Inuyasha -Piano solo-"
Rah, now THIS is a decent bonus track. It begins with a meandering piano version of Inuyasha's theme, then goes into the "Omoi no Hate ni" theme (a bonus in my book anytime ^_^). This never appears in the series, which is why it's a "bonus track".

General Thoughts:
So, OST 2. There were a couple of other good tracks that I didn't review, but that was mostly because they're very similar to stuff that was on OST 1 (tracks 24-26, for instance). We've got a couple new character themes this time around; some are good, some are just okay. However, there are a LOT of repeats of old themes, making about a quarter of this CD just re-hashes of stuff on the previous one. True, some of the new mixes, like the new takes on Sango's theme, were different enough that they warrant a good listen anyway, but a lot of the rest of them give off a "I've already heard this before" feel. However, this and the stuff on the first soundtrack basically carried the series through the first three seasons, with not much new music coming in until a little ways into the Shichinintai arc.
Like the first soundtrack, this one was also released before the whole Copy Protection thing, so it's computer-friendly (at least the initial release was. Again, I don't know if they added protection to later printings).