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Inuyasha OST 3
"Inuyasha Ongakuhen San"
by Patches
"Inuyasha Ongakuhen San"
["Inuyasha Music Collection Three"]

Description of Item:

The third Inuyasha soundtrack, with background music composed by Kaoru Wada, opening by Nanase Aikawa, endings by Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, and Do As Infinity, and insert song by Tackey & Tsubasa. The background music was introduced approximately between episodes 80 and 127.

01. Shichinintai no Bourei [Ghosts of the Shichinintai]
02. Juusensha Ginkotsu [Heavy Tank Ginkotsu]
03. Jashin Renkotsu [Wicked-Hearted Renkotsu]
04. Kirikomi Taichou Jakotsu [Hidden Bladed Commander Jakotsu]
05. Futatsu no Kao Suikotsu [Two-Faced Suikotsu]
06. Shichinintai Shuryou Bankotsu [Shichinintai Leader Bankotsu]
07. Bukimina Kyoudai [Ominous Brothers]
08. Inuke Hamaya [Piercing Holy Arrow]
09. Kusen [Hard Fight]
10. Warera Shichinintai [We, the Shichinintai]
11. Sakuretsu Banryuu [Explosion, Banryuu]
12. Gekitotsu [Clash]
13. Shibito no Nioi [Scent of the Dead]
14. Hakureizan [Mount Hakurei]
15. Mune ni Himeta Omoi [Feelings Hidden Inside]
16. Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara wa Ashita no Tame ni One Version ~ (TV Size) [Graduation ~ Farewell for Tomorrow's Sake, One Version ~ (TV Size)]
17. Shinjin Aikyacchi A [Newer Eyecatch A]
18. Setsunai Omoi [Painful Feelings]
19. Omoi no Hate ni II [The Extent of Feelings II]
20. Watashi no Ko o... [(Please Bear) My Child...]
21. Koigokoro [Awakening Love]
22. Miroku to Sango [Miroku and Sango]
23. Higurashike no Shokutaku [The Higurashi Family Dining Table]
24. Sewayaki Sannin Musume [Three Bothersome Girls]
25. Yasashisa no Kakera [Fragments of Kindness]
26. Futari no Kimochi [The Two's Feelings]
27. Shinjin Aikyacchi B [Newer Eyecatch B]
28. Sokushinbutsu Hakushin-shounin [Living Buddha Hakushin-shounin]
29. Urami [Bitterness]
30. Hakureizan no Ihen [Mount Hakurei's Disaster]
31. Hakudoushi [Hakudoushi]
32. Unare! Tessaiga [Howl! Tessaiga]
33. Owarinai Yume (TV Size) [Endless Dream (TV Size)]
34. Dearest - Original Mix (TV Size)
35. Every Heart (TV Size)
36. Shinjitsu no Uta (TV Size) [Song of Truth (TV Size)]

Review: Lots of tracks, but LOTS of good stuff. Again, track reviews will be pick-and-choose, but with this one, it'll be hard not to do all of them ^_^:

01 Shichinintai no Bourei
And we start off with the main Shichinintai theme, which appears a LOT during their story arc. Pretty much all of the following Shichinintai themes are variations on this first theme.

02 "Juusensha Ginkotsu"
Being a fan of Holst, when I first heard this track, I thought, "Gee, this sounds an awful lot like 'Mars, Bringer of War'". It has the same sort of beat in the background, I suppose. The theme is otherwise the main Shichinintai theme.

04 "Kirikomi Taichou Jakotsu"
Definitely the "happiest"-sounding rendition of the Shichinintai theme. Also the shortest, unfortunately. Not really "bouncy", but certainly on the upbeat side.

05 "Futatsu no Kao Suikotsu"
Two faces, but three themes. The first one almost sounds like a re-mix of Rin's theme, just more mellow. I also strangely don't remember this part ever playing in the series. The second part is this weird, almost "carnival"-type rendition of the Shichinintai theme which played during the flashback during Suikotsu's death scene. The third part is the "transformed" Suikotsu theme.

08 "Inuke Hamaya"
If anything, this is Kagome's "battle music" that first played towards the end of episode 124 when she tries to shoot at Naraku. I'm still mixed about this track, since, like Kouga's theme, it's VERY stylistically different than the rest of the music in the series. Yes, it's fine on its own, but combined with everything else, it's kinda awkward.

10 "Warera Shichinintai"
Heh, I can just picture the Shichinintai marching along to this, all singing their themes. It's, again, the main Shichinintai theme, just with a bunch of male voices doing the melody.

16 "Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara wa Ashita no Tame ni"
I don't usually comment on the songs, but... man. Luuuuuuv. Yes it's "that song" from "that scene" in episode 124. My only issue with this is that I've watched that scene over so many times, I still hear the dialogue in my head even when just listening to the song by itself. But, hot darn, this song is friggin' GORGEOUS.

18 "Setsunai Omoi"
Here's yet another vocal version of Kagome's BGM theme! The first part isn't really anything we haven't heard before, but the second part finally gives the happy, upbeat version of her theme the vocal treatment as well (I distinctly remember this one playing at the very end of episode 128).

19 "Omoi no Hate ni II"
... ... You have no idea how happy I was when this track came on when I listened to this CD the first time. I love the "Omoi no Hate ni" theme, but this... THIS is the version I love the most. It's just a simple clarinet solo, but speaks volumes more than the other big, orchestral versions. I specifically remembered this version playing at the end of episode 81, which also happens to be my favorite episode in the series. Double plus!

21 "Koigokoro"
It's Sango meets the Kodamas from Princess Mononoke! No, I swear, it is. If you've ever heard the Kodama theme from Mononoke, you'd immediately liken this to it. But, if you don't know what I'm talking about... it's a light mallet and woodwind version of Sango's theme.

22 "Miroku to Sango"
o_O As I said in the OST2 review... ALL versions of Sango's theme are great. And this is like... Sango's theme done "Somewhere in Time"-style, with a big string and piano section giving it that big "feeling". It's the version that played during "that scene" at the end of episode 132, by the way. The second half of the track is sort of Miroku's "battle theme", which played during the fight in 132.

24 "Sewayaki Sannin Musume"
This is apparently my theme music. Don't ask. It's the happy little "carraige ride through the forest"-sounding music that plays in episode 127 when Houjou is on the roof talking with Kagome. The second half of the track is just... weird. And undescribable. So I won't bother. :P

25 "Yasashisa no Kakera"
And through all that, would you believe that this is the FIRST time on the CD the actual Inuyasha theme appears? Nothing particularly notworthy about it, otherwise, though, other than it's another slow version.

26 "Futari no Kimochi"
Hey, another version of the "Omoi no Hate ni" theme, so of course I'm going to mention it! The first half is almost a music box version, which I absolutely love (but not as much as track 19 :P). The second half is a strings version similar to the original "Omoi no Hate ni" theme, just a tad slower.

31 "Hakudoushi"
The evil Naraku Mini-Me makes his appearance. This whole theme just reeks of creepiness, since there's nothing scarier than an evil baby. There are three versions of the theme contained on this track: the normal version, the "mysterious" version, and the fast-paced version. Almost sounds like a tango.

32 "Unare! Tessaiga"
Rock! The TV series finally gets a port of the movie version of the Inuyasha theme! This is certainly a "battle" theme, mostly on a wood flute, moving to the brass section, with a steady drumbeat in the background.

General Thoughts:
Hooray for OST3! OST2 was mostly re-hashes of old themes, but OST3 has some refreshingly new stuff. Even the mixes of older themes are done differently enough to warrant attention. Plus it has my favorite versions of a lot of my favorite themes in the series ("Omoi no Hate ni" (duh), Sango's theme, Inuyasha's theme, Kagome's theme...). Not to mention the kickass insert song. Man, that thing's awesome. Even if you have no clue what "that scene" in 124 is, you'll probably be bawling just listening to the song by itself. Just a couple of gripes with this release. First off, naturally, is the copy protection. It's a recent enough release that it's been stamped with the curse of CCCD, therefore making it annoying to play in a PC, and impossible to play in a Mac.
My second gripe is the physical arrangement of the tracks. All the Shichinintai themes are grouped together at the beginning, so playing this CD on random is almost a necessity unless you want to get bombarded by Shichinintai theme after Shichinintai theme thirteen times in a row. Thankfully, there's enough of a diversity amongst the rest of the tracks to make up for that.