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Episode Summaries 6-10
Episode 6
Ominous Demon Sword Tessaiga
Provided by Musashi Youkai

Kagome wakes up from an unconscious state and gets surprised when she sees the reflection of Inuyasha and his mother on the water: his mother doesn't have a face. Everything was a trap from Sesshoumaru using a Mujo demon who starts sucking Inuyasha into her body. Jaken arrives at the place, called by the Mujo and hears something about a black pearl. Kagome beats Jaken with his staff. Inuyasha escapes from the woman but Sesshoumaru grabs him, and starts taking something out of Inuyasha's eye with magic: a black pearl that is the key to the gate to their father's grave. The bones of their father's corpse lay there. Sesshoumaru wants the Tessaiga inside his father's body, which is said to kill a hundred beasts in one stroke. When he tries to take it out from a rock, a light flashes and he's unable to retire it. Inuyasha takes it but he's unable to handle it. Later on, Kagome accidentally takes it and swings it with no problem.

Episode 7
Violent Confrontation! Sesshoumaru VS Tessaiga!
Provided by Musashi Youkai

Sesshoumaru attacks Kagome with his poisoned claws to get the sword, and Inuyasha jumps in. Thinking Kagome dead, he goes for Sesshoumaru and his blow penetrates and breaks the chest plate of Sesshoumaru's armor. Kagome in fact, has been protected by the Tessaiga binding magic. Infurated, Sesshoumaru changes into his dog demon form, a giant white dog. As Inuyasha fights, a beating comes from the Tessaiga, as Inuyasha admits he's protecting Kagome. Sesshoumaru, seriously injured, dissapears and both return to the normal world, out of Inuyasha's father's grave. Back to Kaede's village, Myouga explains that the Tessaiga was Inuyasha's father's, but it was a demon blade used to protect his mother, who was human, and perhaps that explains why Kagome could touch and hold the blade. That may be why a human, Kagome, was able to draw out Tessaiga, and unless you have affection for a human and want to protect her, you wouldn't be able to use it. Because of that, Sesshoumaru, who doesn't have compassion in his heart towards any human, was unable to use Tessaiga.

Episode 8
The Toad who would be Prince
Provided by Musashi Youkai

Kagome is taking a bath at the springs and Myouga decides to play the perverted role of the day, peeking on her. Inuyasha goes after him and Kagome screams. The hanyou is angered because he says he wasn't going to peek on her, and she says that someone stole her clothes. Soon, they find Nobunaga, whose story is told to the group. He returns to his village with the group, where Tsuyu-hime, the woman he's in love with, is. The group finds out that her husband is posessed by a frog demon who steals women's clothes to posess their souls and eat them. Inuyasha battles and finishes with the demon, so the woman's husband is now free again, and back to his normal state. Inuyasha takes the shikon shards and Kagome keeps them for both.

Episode 9
Enter Shippo and the Thunder Brothers
Provided by Musashi Youkai

After a stormy tempered picnic, Kagome and Inuyasha meet a strange character who appears in a blurry cloud. His name is Shippou, he's a little fox demon and he demands Kagome to give him the Shikon shards to revenge the death of his parents. Inuyasha and Shippo get into a funny fight including his fox fire which ensues trouble. Some moments later, a pair of characters show up, the Thunder brothers: Manten and Hiten. They kidnap Kagome to get the Shikon shards and Inuyasha follows them, with Shippo. Kagome is threatened, but she strikes back mentioning she's with Inuyasha, and that he'll retrieve the shards back. The brothers depart to find Inuyasha and when they find him, the hanyou denies absolutely that Kagome is his girlfriend at all. Hiten decides to battle, and so it begins.

Episode 10
The Phantom Showdown - the Thunder Brothers vs. Tetsusaiga
Provided by Musashi Youkai

The episode begins with Manten's fantasy of having a long beautiful hair like his brothers', that's why he's after Kagome, to create a formule to make his hair grow like that. Inuyasha fights with Hiten and in the way, he kills Manten. Hiten takes the power from his brother's shikon shards and the battle heats up, until the hanyou definately defeats him. Shippo's father's pelt finished saving the day and the little kitsune joined the group.

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